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Kuber Yantra

Kuber Yantra

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Product Detail

Kuber Yantra is useful for gaining gold, gems, buried wealth, and ancestral property. Money is received through various channels. This yantra is used in a static manner. It has a figure or symbol that consists of simple geometric forms arranged in symmetry to form some of the design that attracts power and positive energies of Kuber. With the help of certain Mantras, this Yantra has the power to attract principles of Kuber which will automatically bring a load of wealth and money along with it.

Kuber Yantra is the simple instrument on which some geometric design is inscribed to attract the powers of Kuber. Each row and column in Kuber Yantra total to 72, which is a strong number denoting prosperity and wealth which will attract Lord Kubera in all forms and his positive energies too. Buying of Kuber Yantra must be done from a reliable source and it must be of adequate quality as if the Yanra is not of good quality it will give adverse effects of the Yantra. The Kuber Yantra can be installed by anyone who wants a better life and more wealth. You can also install it to improve the luck factor. It can be installed in your offices or place of work too.


The recitation of the following mantras will enhance the power of the yantra and give the best results :

“Om Kauberaaya Namah”
“Om Yakshaya Kuberaya Vaishravanya Dhana Dhanyadi Pataye Dhana Dhanya Samrudhi Mein Dehi Dapaya Swaha”

How To Use

These are some basic steps of using the Kuber Yantra :

  • Place the Yantra or hang it in a way that it is properly in front of your eyes in either north or east direction.
  • Sit in a position where your spine is straight, comfortably.
  • Light an incense stick to eliminate all the negatives in the atmosphere.
  • Deep Breath while looking at the center of the Yantra.
  • Chant the Mantra while meditating either 28 or 108 times.
  • Repeat this exercise for 20 minutes every day.


If you possess Kuber Yantra, you will have the following benefits:

  • The owner of this Yantra will never face any issues related to money and materialistic things.
  • The presence of this Yantra will safeguard your existing wealth and aid in improving your financial status.
  • It opens more options for accumulating wealth.
  • This Yantra helps in better career prospects.

Presence of Kuber Yantra in your house will ensure no financial crunches happen.